"It Took Me 6 Years To Grow It To 6,000... And 2 Months To Turn It To 11,000 With Maruxa's Eye On Our Group! Sales Keep Coming In!" 

Nancy Matthews, Owner Women's Empowerment Network

Nancy Matthews and her sisters run the Women's Prosperity Network, one of the oldest online networking groups for women entrepreneurs. Their Facebook group had 6000 members for six years, and it took them a long time to reach that number.

After Working With Maruxa...

Nancy enrolled in a Community program, and her team implemented the strategies they learned.

Within just two months, the Women's Prosperity Network Facebook group grew from 6000 to 11,000 members, and now it has over 15,000 women.

The sales process became much more streamlined, and the relationships within the group became stronger and more meaningful.

Thanks to the Community program, Nancy and her sisters were able to double their group's size in just two months, leading to greater engagement, stronger relationships, and increased sales.

This case study shows how effective community building strategies can transform an online networking group and help it thrive in the digital age.