You've Wanted To Impact The World...But How Do You Do It In A Way That Actually Can Grow and Scale?

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Are You A Revolutionary Leader?

A Revolutionary Is A Leader Who Has Made The Choice To Create A Movement, A Community And An Experience That Brings People Together...

...Someone That Has Started To Disrupt And Create Real Change...

...To Innovate In The Way In Which People Are Connecting And Are Coming Together To Form Something Much More Beautiful Through This Experience.

Hey, It's Great To Meet You!Ā 

Ā My name is Maruxa.*


VisionariesĀ often come to me with a big vision on how to change the world with the one thing that they know the world needs more of.Ā 

The solution, when I hear about it, often has me LEANING IN and wanting to know more. The vision is often a powerful one that leads me into starting to viscerally see in my mind what you are seeing in your mind.Ā 

Over the last 24 years, I've had the privilege of taking my experience of working with leaders and visionaries to move simply from a vision to a solution to ultimately growing and scaling their products and services through what I call a "People First, Profits Follow" Methodology I created to align business leaders to get their vision into an actual profitable community focused business models.Ā 

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*Maruxa is pronounced Muh-roo-shah šŸ˜‰




You know you're experiencing a Revolutionary Communities workshop, event or consult when you are immersed in what we stand for. We build communities that want to do more good on the planet. Let's make it happen!

"My team and I took Maruxa's wisdom and implemented it in our group for the Women's Prosperity Network. It took me 6 years to grow it to 6,000 and 2 MONTHS to turn it to 11,000 with Maruxa's eye on our group! Sales keep coming in!"
Nancy Matthews
Women's Prosperity Network
"This In 2 short months...
125K Euros from her soft launch in April 2022...     PLUS
...186K Euros from her 2nd launch this month (by the way, she's still getting sales in the door from this 2nd round)...
That's 311K Euros ($333,000!) and counting in under 2 months. 
Jana Alonso
Founder, School of Integrated Healing

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