Are You A Revolutionary?

A Revolutionary Is A Leader Who Has Made The Choice To Create A Movement, A Community And An Experience That Brings People Together...

...Someone That Has Started To Disrupt And Create Real Change...

...To Innovate In The Way In Which People Are Connecting And Are Coming Together To Form Something Much More Beautiful Through This Experience.

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As a Culture and Community Architect, I help heart-centered, socially-minded companies use their platform to make their impact on the world. 

My strength is not only understanding your vision but becoming part of it.

My mission to serve transformational entrepreneurs and facilitate generational impact runs deep in my soul. In my family history, generations were shaped in significant ways. 

My ancestors were revolutionaries, from the first woman to attend college in Spain to escaping slavery and fighting oppression. 

And my vision is to impact millions by bringing humanity back to the human race, shaping future generations by helping transformational leaders effectively create change.

Craving even more insight into what makes Revolutionaries?

The Revolutionary Communities Podcast is on it's way!
We'll be discussing everything from innovative community building topics and what it means to step into your leadership to highlighting Revolutionaries in their brilliance. 

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"My team and I took Maruxa's wisdom and implemented it in our group for the Women's Prosperity Network. It took me 6 years to grow it to 6,000 and 2 MONTHS to turn it to 11,000 with Maruxa's eye on our group! Sales keep coming in!"
Nancy Matthews
Women's Prosperity Network
"This In 2 short months...
125K Euros from her soft launch in April 2022...     PLUS
...186K Euros from her 2nd launch this month (by the way, she's still getting sales in the door from this 2nd round)...
That's 311K Euros ($333,000!) and counting in under 2 months. 
Jana Alonso
Founder, School of Integrated Healing