Our Community Process SAVED Iman Over $500,000 PER MONTH in Refunds!

Iman Shefiei, Owner
Keystone Investors Club

Iman had a belief that building a community could help grow his company and sell it at a higher valuation. He had heard that community was the "IT thing" to do and was interested in implementing it in his business.

After Working With Maruxa...

When Iman approached for help with his Community, Maruxa discovered that his product was getting over 27% in refunds.

Instead of immediately jumping into building the community, she worked with Iman's operational team to address the root cause of the high refund rate.

They worked on culture design and built a blueprint for the community, which involved training his entire team on how to make the community model work for them.

After this initial phase, Maruxa and Iman's team started building the actual community on the Circle platform.

As a result of their efforts, they saw a significant increase in engagement and a decrease in refunds to just 5.5%.

Within a period of three and a half months, their conversion rates also improved from 10% to 30%, resulting in increased upsells.

Maruxa continued to work with Iman for about six months until his team felt confident about managing the community on their own.