She Sold $333,000 In Under 2 Months Following Maruxa's Community Blueprint...

(With A Group Of Only 439 People!)

Jana Alonso, Founder
School Of Integrated Healing

Jana had a vision of creating a community but had no idea how to go about it. She had a small Facebook group of just over 100 people, and although she had grown it, she didn't know how to make it thrive. That was until she came across the Community Blueprint course.

Jana's Facebook group had around 140 members, and she had no clear plan on how to create a thriving community. She lacked the knowledge and skills to grow her group and achieve her goal of building a community.

After Working With Maruxa...

After completing the Community Blueprint course, Jana's team felt empowered and ready to implement the Excite Profit Path to grow their community.

They planned a six-day launch in May 2022 but decided to do an April launch due to their excitement, which resulted in generating $125,000 Euros.

They were thrilled with the success of their April launch and decided to do another one-day launch in May, which resulted in $186,000 Euros, for a combined total of $311,000 Euros ($333,000)!

Not only did Jana's community grow from 140 to 439 members, but her business also saw tremendous growth.

Her community model continued to flourish, and she had multiple six-figure launches, hitting the million-dollar mark within 12 months.

Jana's success story is a testament to the power of education and the right tools.

With the help of the Community Blueprint course, Jana was able to transform her small Facebook group into a thriving community that generated significant revenue.

Her journey proves that with the right guidance, anyone can achieve their goals and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.